I write……

….for the pleasure of words on a page, of emotions riding high when everything flows ….for the pain a word or story can evoke ….to escape writing blocks that snatch away hope ….for the solitude, and contemplation of past, present, and future ….for the memories, remade whenever they’re sutured ….to avoid those things I don’t … Continue reading I write……


What happened to the library?

Quiet echoed off the walls, punctuated occasionally by the scrape of a chair and the thud of a dropped book. Motes of dust danced on rays of light streaming through the few windows circling the room.  To the left and right of where I stood, floor to ceiling bookcases lined the walls. A few wooden … Continue reading What happened to the library?

Reminder: Interview Thursday

I open Google Calendar, insert the date and time, set up a reminder. A blogger, Julie, has asked to interview me about my writing life. Funny, I’ve never thought of my life that way.  For more than thirty years I’ve been a sociologist, and writing has been part of the package. I turned to fiction … Continue reading Reminder: Interview Thursday